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Jem Grip Auto Tire Summer Car Repair Tips

If there is a better season to hit the roads, then summer tops that list. No wonder long road trips tend to happen more when the temperatures begin to rise. And while this should give you all reasons to smile, it does not mean you turn a blind eye to your car needs.

Man repairing car on hydraulic platform

The adverse summer temperatures take a toll on everything, and your car will not be an exception. The best you can do to enjoy an uneventful road trip under the harsh sun is ensuring your vehicle is 100%perfect. And how on earth do you that?

These summer car repair tips will come in handy when it is time to enjoy the sun and drive nonstop to your vacations.

Check and recheck fluid levels

In summer, most breakdowns are caused by overheating. That is why it is critical to keep an eye on your car’s fluid levels. May it be the coolant, transmission fluid, windshield’s wiper fluid, or the power-steering fluid; you cannot afford to ignore them. Check and fill them up to the recommended levels. If you are not comfortable with this routine, for car repair Jem Grip Auto Tire will be ready to help any time.

Test,replace or refill your battery

Fluid loss and accelerated oxidation on car battery components tend to go a notch higher during summer. This realization explains why battery problems triple during summer more than any other season. The big challenge with battery problems is that they do not give you a prior warning: you find yourself stuck in the middle of the highway.

To save you a constant headache, run your battery through simple tests. If it has already clocked its lifetime limit, you should buy a new one. If it needs fluid fill up, make sure you do just that. With 100% working battery, you will take on any summer challenge on your way upcountry.

It is the time your oil filter and oil get a change

The hot weather will put a lot of pressure on your engine oil. If it has been some time since you did oil and filter change, this is the opportune moment to do it. New oil will keep your engine lubricated, and a new filter will prevent the unwanted materials from reaching the inner compartments of your engine. With a healthier and cleaner engine, your car will never feel the heat no matter how high it goes.

Keep tire pressure at optimum levels

Another thing that can leave you stranded on a lonely road during summer is low-pressure tires. Before you commence your road trip, do a routine check on your tires pressure and ascertain that they are at optimum levels.

Fine tune your braking system

There is never a place or time when an excellent braking system is not suitable for your car. It is even critical during summer when everyone will have their vehicle on the road, and the inclinations you will deal with into the heart of the countryside. Get your brakes tuned, and off you go for a bountiful summer road trip.

We do all love summer time. It is a big injustice that frequent car breakdowns will spoil your happy moments. Now that you know some of the quick-fix car repairs tips, failures will be a thing of the past.